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Canna Bliss Designs


Our Story

We were first introduced to the health and wellness properties of Cannabis in 2017 and have been familiar with the health benefits of cannabis for many years. When the legalization of Cannabis became official in Canada it allowed us to look at other medical alternatives. Our family was looking for a healthy alternative for health issues family members were trying to deal with. That is when we decided to give CBD a try and it worked amazingly, except all we could find at that time was CBD that contained activated THC and tasted horrible. So you may be thinking about what is wrong with THC in the CBD.

Well if you are wanting THC that is another product but we were looking for a product that was THC free and did not have mind-altering or an associated high which would affect our daily routines with work. We decided maybe we could work with the lab and have them produce a THC free CBD. The CBD that was formulated worked so well it was hard not to share the health. Then came the fun stuff we decided to take it one step further and went back to class. This has allowed us to formally could assist others to navigate their wellness journey.

We have used our experience to coach our clients and take the mystery out of medical cannabis. This is not a replacement for working with your Dr. where required but to enhance the experience. Each person is unique and has their very own sweet spot when it comes to cannabis use for medical reasons. What may work for your neighbour may not work for you. We will guide you through that process. With Cannabis being legal in Canada gone are the days you are required to have a prescription so we have many people trying to self medicate and not be getting the effects they assumed. Did you know it may just be the wrong strain of cannabis? With our assistance, we will create an action plan to assist you on your wellness journey. Some users require more CBD and others require more THC and everyone has a unique situation. Our wellness plan helps you navigate your way to better health, dosing and the best type of cannabis and how to administer it. Smoke, Vape, Edibles, tinctures, oils and we will assist our clients based on each person's unique action plan requirements. CBD is also used for dogs and cats to assist with anxiety, pain relief and has helped significantly reduce or eliminate seizures.

There are so many options in the Cannabis medical industry. 

One of the roles of a cannabis wellness coach is to help understand your goals and create a unique plan that both fits with your lifestyle and your financial abilities. No matter where you live, what income you have, and what your medical history is, you can take steps today to reduce pain, manage stress, eat healthier, get moving, and enjoy your best life ever!


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